We believe that the success can be only achieved when all parts, involved in the sale process, are satisfied. That‘s why our client’s and partner‘s satisfaction is the top priority for us. We do believe that „finding a perfect match“ for the rider is a key to success.

We have been asking our clients and partners to provide us direct and continuous feedback about our services and The „perfect match“. This approach has proven to be one of the largest open secrets of our success.


What our customers say about us

Diana from Canada

“Horsesales.lt made the process of finding and purchasing my horse very comfortable and easy. Their commitment to find the right horse was apparent through their understanding of my requests. I am extremely happy with the services offered by Horsesales.lt and will consult with them again before my next purchase overseas!

Diana‘s comment after show jumping competition:

This weekend Catou and me are both jumping in our first international show, in the small rounds of the CSI2*-W in Riga. Today was the first day of the competition, we jumped double clear and finished 6th! I couldn’t be more proud of him!”

Video of Diana and Catou:

Vivekka from Sweden

“A picture of Ladaras. They have already won 13 competitions this year (remark – 2016) and a lot of placements – Wonderful horse.”

Video of Ladaras winning the 120 cm class with junior rider in Sweden.

Video of Ladaras


Hanna from Finland

“In 2013 I was looking for a good quality hobby horse with nice character as a school master and companion mainly in dressage training. I got good recommendations of Justina and ended buying my first horse from abroad! Whole buying process and transportation to Finland was smooth and easy and we have had lot’s of communication also after the selling, and we are still sharing the news about my horse. Justina was very open and honest through the process and there was no surprises at any stage. I’m totally happy with my horse and can recommend to buy a horse from Horsesales.lt”

Video of Torino


Aušra from Lithuania

“Me and two of my daughters have started to ride several years ago. After few years of attending the riding school, I noticed my daughters’ growing interest into horses and then I decided to buy her a small zemaitukas breed pony. Our friends recommended Horsesales.lt. I have contacted them and listed my requirements for the pony. My daughter wanted to compete in show jumping competitions. The pony was found at once and has fulfilled out expectations. My daughter has been winning or getting prize places in most competitions she participated. The pony was very safe and became a real family friend.

When Juste has grown out of ponies, we needed a normal size horse so that she could compete on the level of junior riders. Of course, the first idea about the place where we can find a horse was clear. We got back again to Horsesales.lt as we have been very happy with our previous purchase. The requirements have increased a lot this time: we needed a horse that would have experience in competitions up to 140 cm, a horse would be able to forgive the mistakes made by the rider, would not be too difficult to ride for 11 years old girl and would be safe and sound. I thought this will be impossible mission to find such horse, but I was wrong. Horsesales.lt again showed their professional skills and found us an amazing horse Corming De Luxe. Juste and Cormint have never came back from competitions without a rosette. They have won FEI Children Classic competitions, had been reserve champions in Lithuanian Show jumping Championship In Junior class in 2015. Last year they have started to compete internationally in CSI*1 and CSI2** in small tour level and have even been placed 2nd among the professional riders. It is an absolute proud that the judges already recognize my daughter and call her Amazon from Lithuania through the speakers!  Cormint is an absolutely phenomenal dream horse! We could not even imagine he will bring us so much joy and happy moments! I have trusted Horsesales.lt recommendations and they have never disappointed. I strongly recommend Justina and her team for all the mothers who are afraid of buying horses and are afraid for their children safety. Please, be calm and Horsesales.lt will find the most suitable horse for your children!”

Video of Justė and Cormint de Luxe winning the FEI Children Jumping 2015!


Video of Justė and Cormint de Luxe getting 2nd place in CSI1* Cavaliada Tour, Poznan


Video of Justė and Cormint de Luxe in the winning round in “Three Kings Show 2016!”


Janette  from Spain

“I have been looking for many advertisements on Internet but it was so hard to  choose the horse and each time to contact with different seller. When I found Horsesales.lt website, I have been very pleased with the variety of horses. I have contacted them and the whole sales process went very smoothly. I have bought the horse through video and  when he came, he was absolutely the same as described!”

Marina from Finland

Adleris has been a very nice schoolmaster for Marina and she was very happy with him (and still is!) but her biggest dream was to find a Small, beautifully built Friesian. As she told to us, she was dreaming about such horse for 15 years! She could not believe that we found her a Dream horse! Jorry was an absolutely most handsome Friesian we have met. He has been so much loved by judges and the spectators in dressage arena! Everybody just fell in love with him after the first sight! So do we!

We are more than happy when our customers come back to us to buy their next Dream horse! Marina has been looking for a small dressage schoolmaster to feel safe and remember all the higher level elements. Apparently, she has found a wonderful gelding called Adleris in our webpage who has been doing all the Prix St. George elements and piaffe.

Marina‘s first horse Adleris bought from Horsesales.lt:

“I’m so happy because I was on my first riding lesson in 20 years and Adleris went like a dream and I was perfectly relaxed and we made piruettes in both direction (in canter) and piaffe and it was like the old days…”

Video of Adleris:


“Jorry is doing fine, everybody is just crazy about him! They think he is the sexiest and cutest horse ever seen! Tomorrow I will try a saddle that fits him and then he will be ridden. He has been in a muddy and awful paddock because the weather is just terrible and now they are promising a lot of cold and snow. However, he is in a very good mood and very curious about the place we have been showing him. He is just a fairy horse and should be a movie star! Today we were doing a bit work from hand to walk with me and stop and going backwards and as he loves carrots and sugar, he thought it was “a piece of cake”

Video of Jorry:


Chloe from UK

“we are so happy that we found your site which we came across purely by accident. It is really well-organised and we could have no doubt that we have saved at least a year of searching around by ourselves. You can be sure that we will recommend it to our friends.”

Kate from Finland

“Hi! I just wanted to let you know that Lauras is doing well. I am inspired by him and I am sure that we will succeed in the next season. Thank you very much for a great horse! I got him gelded, because I think it was only fair to him, since I am going to compete with him. He relaxed a lot and his concentration has approved a lot since that. I will mention you and your site on my blog. And in case here in Finland is anybody who would like me to recommend your services I am more than pleased to do so!”

Here is the video of them:


Stine from Norway

“A very tiny and small girl Stine from Norway came to Lithuania in 2010 to try a black show jumping pony called Kamelotas. At that time Kamelotas has been Lithuanian Pony Champion and has been getting prize places in international competitions. Stine has ended up buying Kamelotas and had a lot of wonderful moments taking very high places in Norwegian national and international competitions!”

“Kamelotas got silver medal in Norwegian Pony Indoor Championship! He jumped three rounds without any pole down with 110 cm, in the jump off for the gold it was 120 cm, so we got 2 down, but a silver medal!!!”

“Kamelotas is keeping great! We are going to compete in Oslo Horse Show two weeks from now. It is Norway’s biggest competition and we are also going to Denmark.”

Video of Kamelotas in Danish Christmas Show (jump off):


Few years later, Stine has contacted us again. She was already grown up out of ponies and was looking for a normal size horse to compete in Young riders classes. Her aim was to get to the Norwegian Young riders team. And we found her a superb mare called Carmen.

Carmen was bought when Stine has won International CSI2** and has been placing in every competition she participated in Lithuania. The mare has showed fantastic results in Norway by winning and getting prize places in national and International CSI3*** competitions and even getting an invitation to compete in the most prestigious competition in Nordic countries – Oslo Horse Show 2015 where she won a ribbon!

Video of Stine and Carmen in their winning round in CSI3*** Drammen Spring Tour 2016:

Video of Stine and Carmen


Maisa from Finland

Having customers who come back means we are trying to do our job as better as possible. Maisa has bought 2 horses and 1 pony for her riding school in Finland:

“Both horses are doing great, our clients like them very much. Junior riders are 13 and 16 years old, jumping up to 100 cm courses and starting competition season next week! Mare is very good jumper, she needs a lot more muscle, but it is getting better and better all the time. Shimmel has very nice movement, one of our riding instructors fell in love with him. She rides him mostly and she´s planning to start small competitions with him next summer.”

“Tembras is doing good, he is one of the favourite ponies of the children and also tiny adults. He has been competing small courses between 60-80cm and has been doing well!”

Video of Hauzas:


Video of Luara:


Video of Tembras:


For more videos of our sold horses please check our Youtube channel:



What our partners say about us

Danielius Gutkauskas

1st ranked Lithuanian Show jumping Rider

“Me and my uncle own one of the biggest studs in Lithuania. We own more than 200 show jumping horses. Each year we have new horses coming for training so it is very important for us to sell huge amount of horses.

The collaboration with Horsesales.lt expands our list of clients who are looking for amateur/young rider horses for jumping as well as high quality show jumping horses to compete at the top of international level. As a top rider myself, I am very busy during all day long and I have no time to search for clients by myself. Due to this reason Horsesales.lt is a very good option for me. Regarding my cooperation with Horsesales.lt I in particular appreciate the professionalism and the eye for small but important details.

I do recommend Horsesales.lt not only for customers, but also for other riders/horse owners who are looking for clients for their horses as Horsesales.lt is a top quality platform!”

Nerijus Šipaila

Multiple Lithuanian Show Jumping Champion

“Several years ago I have established big training stables where we have a wide variety of top show jumping horses ranging from youngsters to Grand Prix horses. Our horses are from the best German and Danish breeding lines such as Casall, Quidam de Revel, Cassini, Corrado, and many more.

In order to keep business going, I needed reliable partners that could contact with potential horse buyers as I am busy all day long riding horses, training my students and competing. Lithuania is a small country and horse market in Eastern Europe is quite limited, so I needed customers from other countries. Horsesales.lt was an ideal solution for me. Contacts established via Horsesales.lt primarily involve customers that are looking for high quality horses for sale.

During few years of our partnership, Horsesales.lt helped to find customers for my top show jumping horses in Scandinavia and North America and some of these customers already contacted us again to buy further horses.

It is great to know that Horsesales.lt continually seizes all possible marketing opportunities and is always refining its approach, thereby raising its profile. We look forward to the future!”

Anna Viljakka from Finland

“Our partnership with Horsesales.lt started in 2010 when I came to Lithuania with my customer to try horses for sale. Since then our partnership has started and continues until now. Together we have imported and sold a lot of horses in Finland: show jumping and dressage horses, hobby horses and ponies.

I have purchased a few great show jumping horses for my personal ambitions as well! I have been very successful with them: took the winning or the top prize places.

Since then the partnership became even stronger and stronger, with both parties knowing they can rely on each other.

Horsesales.lt always carefully inspects the horses before they are imported to Finland so there is no need to come for me.

I am also very impressed with Horsesales.lt commitment to present excellent photos and videos of the horses for sale and to make them available in Finland as faster as possible!

I would very much recommend Horsesales.lt and looking forward to continue our positive collaboration.”

Elena Railienė

Grand Prix Show jumping rider, Eventing Champion

“The partnership between me and Horsesales.lt started more than 7 years ago. Since then we reached great results together. The excellent cooperation over the last few years has led to the formation of a very reliable and stable business relationship that is also very positive on a personal level!

I like so much the concept of Horsesales.lt. They are doing their job in a very professional way and take care of all the details needed for a smooth purchase of the horse, beginning from taking pictures and videos of my horses, finding a customer, doing all the paper work needed to export the horse out of the country and organising transport. I do not need to take care of anything so I can only focus on riding and competing.

I look forward to continuing our excellent cooperation!”

Kostas Gaigalas

Grand Prix Show jumping Rider, Lithuanian Champion

“I really appreciate open, honest and good communication at Horsesales.lt. The collaboration is very reliable and professional as Horsesales.lt tries to find the best possible solution not only for the customers but also for the sellers so that all parties would be happy at the end of the deal.

The scheduled activities are always well-organised and thoroughly prepared. I am very satisfied with the results because most of the customers that come to try horses, end up buying from us.

Horsesales.lt is a competent partner for me and enables straightforward cooperation combined with professional marketing at a global level. I hope for the further partnership for a long time!”