About us


Horsesales.lt is a platform for sellers and potential buyers to meet each other with regard to the purchasing of horses from Europe, most of them – Lithuania. The webpage www.horsesales.lt has been launched on the Internet since 2009, so we are already an experienced team. All those years we had been working really hard to earn respect and trust from buyers of our trained or dealt horses from all over the world. Having customers that come back means that we already have a good standing in this market.



The horses on offer come from successful stud farms and training stables, and provide everything required to make a successful sport horse or hobby horse. We work with the best riders and trainers who have proved their skills by placing high in national and international arenas. We also have partners in other Baltic and Western and Eastern Europe stable. That is why we can offer a wide range of quality horses for sale.

We are active in selling horses by helping buyers to find their Dream horse. We have a lot of experience in the horse business – training, competing, transporting, buying and selling.

We are not only selling horses, we also compete ourselves so it makes us much easier to understand the customer and his/her demands for the right horse – „The Perfect Match“!

If You do not find the right horse in our webpage, we can help you to find the horse that suits your demands at most of the categories!



We share our knowledge, experience and relations to help our customers find the horse(s) which would satisfy their demands and make a perfect match in competition or hobby riding. Mainly we are specialised in show jumping and dressage horses, but we also have a great choice of hobby horses, ponies as well as eventing or hunting horses.

We have connections and experience in delivering your horse to any part of the world! Starting from the closest distances in Europe –  Finland, Sweden, Germany, United Kingdom to Canada, South and North America, Asia, Australia or even New Zealand or Egypt and Middle East – we are ready to bring your horse anywhere you live!



The buyers are very welcome to come and try horses for sale. We can organize a private tour to check the horses and kindly help you during the trip in Lithuania and with all formalities when you buy a horse. The veterinary check-up can be made by our vet or yours vet. We would be pleased if you become one of our customers.

We believe that customers are best served by professionals that have tons of experience, knowledge and the most important – passion to find the Perfect Match!


Do you have some questions in your mind? Please check F.A.Q

Why should I buy a horse from Horsesales.lt?

q1First of all, we have a large net of breeders, riders and sellers so in one platform we can offer a wide variety of horses for sale. You do need to click on separate ads on the Internet trying to find Your horse.

Secondly, horses for sale come from the best riding centres, breeders and well known riders who have proven their skills in national and international arena.

Thirdly, nearly all the horses that we offer for sale on the website we have tried by ourselves or have seen live in competitions or trainings. That is why we can describe each horse well and see if you can make the Perfect Match!

Finally, the prices of the horses are very competitive and you can get a great quality horse for reasonable money!

How can I check the horse(s) before the purchase?

You are very welcome to come and try the horse(s) that you liked. Most of the horses are located in Lithuania so you should look for the flights to Vilnius, or to Riga (Latvia) which is only 100 km from Lithuania (please e-mail or call us before buying tickets). We will meet you at the airport and will make a tour. Usually we have more horses to show than are listed on our website so your trip would be really worth of coming.

If the horse is located in Western Europe, our partners will show the horse(s).

Purchasing Your Horse through Videos

We always hope that you will be able to come over and visit us. However, we do understand if you cannot come over and are thinking about the possibility buying your horse from the videos.

We sell horses from 3 years old to international Grand Prix horses and many horses are sold to international riders and judges over video. 90% of our horse sales have been performed through viewing the horses through videos without previously seeing them in person.

The reasons are that:

  • We have many years of experience selling horses internationally.
  • We offer vet checks and digital x-rays with video documentations.
  • We send extra videos showing how the horses are by longing, handling and tacking up.
  • Importing the horse is what we do as a service to our clients. We deliver the horse from the home location to the doorstep of your barn. Client pays for importing fees.
  • Making sure your horse is a 100% match for you.

We are happy to provide you with the phone numbers from clients who can share their experiences with our services.

Here is our Youtube channel where you can find most of the horses for sale:


How much does a private tour costs?

1 day of the tour costs 100 EUR. It includes: meeting up in the airport and driving around Lithuania while showing as much horses per day as possible ((up to 15 horses a day) if they meet your requirements).

If you are willing to see horses for more days, then accommodation of the tour guide in the hotel is added to the price of the tour days.

For the prices of the tour days in Western Europe, please contact.

How can I make sure the horse is healthy?

Before buying a horse from us we always recommend to make a veterinary examination. You are more than welcome to bring your own vet with you but if you do not have such possibility, we can propose trust ware veterinarians who are making pre-purchase examinations. The pre-purchase examination can be written in English or Russian languages. The x-rays can be sent by e-mail to your own veterinarian.

Is it possible to negotiate a price?

Horsesales.lt and its partners make every effort to set realistic prices. For us, price transparency also means stating prices that are uniform and valid throughout the world.

In many countries and cultures it is customary to leave plenty of leeway for negotiating the final price. This is not generally the case with our horses for sale. We ask you therefore to respect the fact that only a moderate level of price negotiation is possible.

Where can I find the official competition results of the horses I liked?

The official competition results of all the disciplines can be find in the website of Lithuanian Equestrian Federation: www.equestrian.lt

Sometime horses are competing in so called „local competitions“ where the results are not published online, but if we get an access to these results, we will provide you these results as well!

Holidays in Lithuania?

If you are still not certain about your trip to Lithuania, we can encourage you! While trying horses for sale, you can also have short holidays: discover the beautiful capital Vilnius, go sightseeing and have a taste of our national cuisine!

Are you looking for buying a horse but did not find appropriate one in our sales list?

Please text us some basic information about the horse you are looking for and we will try to find one for you!