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  • Year of birth : 2009
  • Sex : Gelding
  • Breed : Zemaitukas
  • Discipline : Riding School
  • Height : M, S
    S - to 163 cm (-16.0hh)
    M - from 163 to 168 cm (16.1 - 16.2hh)
    L - from 169 to 173 cm (16.3 - 17.0hh)
    XL - more than 174 cm (17.1hh +)
  • Color : Liver chestnut
  • Sire : Tikas
  • Price : Up to 5,000 EUR


He was born and is still owned by one of the biggest breeding stables of Zemaitukas horses so all history is known since he was a foal.


He is Lithuanian national breed pony called Zemaitukas. They are famous for being strong, does not require good food, live long and have good health. Nowadays they are much used in riding schools and for children to compete in show-jumping competitions.


He is just very cute pony, sweet to take care and handle, easy to handle is every situation. Not afraid of traffic, noises. Hacks very well with other horses. Shoeing, clipping, riding in traffic – safe and easy.


She has started to school piaffe, passage and single tempi changes. Currently training M level.

She is professionally trained, stunning mare with a bright future ahead of her. She is an experienced, internationally competed horse with beautiful, ground covering walk, a expressive trot and an uphill canter.

What sort of rider does the horse need?

Child, junior and not high adult rider.

Pre-purchase Examination

Veterinary examination can be done on Buyer’s request.


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