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  • Year of birth : 2005
  • Sex : Mare
  • Breed : KWPN
  • Discipline : Dressage
  • Height : M
    S - to 163 cm (-16.0hh)
    M - from 163 to 168 cm (16.1 - 16.2hh)
    L - from 169 to 173 cm (16.3 - 17.0hh)
    XL - more than 174 cm (17.1hh +)
  • Color : Chestnut
  • Sire : Gribaldi
  • Price : 50,000 EUR and more


He has been owned by the same person since she was 4 years old directly from the breeder.


Her pedigree contains the best bloodlines of the dressage horse. Her sir is the famous Gribaldi – the same as sir as the horse  – legend – Totilas. Her dam sir May Sherif – was one of the most successful Danish warmblood stallion. He was the sir the famous Matador.


She has great character and is super easy to handle  A mare with competitive experience and a well-behaved nature. She reacts calmly to stimuli in her surroundings and can also sometimes compensate for incorrect rider aids. She is always nicely ahead of his rider and thus provides a wonderful riding feeling. She is easy with the farrier, vet, has no stable vices, no mareish behaviour. She is easy to manage amongst other horses . She loves to be pampered, groomed and cuddled.


*This sport horse has been allocated to the Confidence Giver category as, according to our partner, it is a particularly well behaved and calm horse even in difficult situations. However, please note that all horses may revert to their instinctive behavior as flight animals in certain circumstances.


She is professionally trained up to Grand Prix level. The mare knows „her job“ and finds the difficult Grand Prix movements easy to perfrom. The mare has not reached her top potential, yet.


He has national and international competition experience. She has successfully taken part in few CDI-W competitions.

What sort of rider does the horse need?

The horse is trained for the FEI Grand Prix level and is ment for „big sport“ but still she has great rideability and can be ideal for ambitious young rider/amateur horse. She knows elements by heart so it is easy to learn higher level movements on her.


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